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  • The food industry
    Food factory boiler is mainly used in food processing in the distillation, disinfection, drying and curing process, with high temperature steam to heat food cooking, drying, sterilization, etc. In today\'s food industry rapid development, speed up the pace of environmental protection to promote the development of food industry play a positive role, especially has a guiding significance on the development direction of food processing equipment. Among them, the boiler renovation to upsurge, atmospheric pollution policy update reversed transmission boiler, boiler, biomass particles such as yu ji low nitrogen gas combustion boiler, such as high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection hardware will encourage development of green food industry.
    • Henan xu rui food co., LTD

      Henan xu rui food co., LTD. Was established in May 2009, henan xu farming development (group) co., LTD, a subsidiary of subordinates, is located in jiaozuo yingbin avenue and ZhanSi road interchange, the registered capital of 60 million yuan, with a total investment of 55 million yuan.

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    • Spirit baby LiHao food co., LTD

      Food factory boiler is mainly used in food processing in the distillation, disinfection, drying and curing process, with high temperature steam to heat food cooking, drying, sterilization, etc., so the steam boiler application frequency is larger, mainly through the tubes of steam, steam temperature constant, constant pressure, and even determines the quality of the food factory quality of steam.

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  • Liquor-making industry
    In the process of brewing, fermenting to could, such as grain mixture fermentation to produce alcohol. Distillation should use of distillator, condenser, etc of the food alcohol extraction, the process needs a large amount of steam, so will use steam boiler, some wineries will choose to use lower coal fired steam boiler fuel costs, with the augmentation of the environmental protection consciousness, the parts of limiting the use of small coal stove, gas, biomass boiler etc because of its low cost, low pollution has become a brewery
    • Hebei general hill wine industry co., LTD

      Hebei general hill wine industry co., LTD., native, the famous old revolutionary base areas in the country she county of hebei, cultural heritage, known as deep in the taihang ecological wine.

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    • Hubei province songzi ensuring the wine industry co., LTD

      For liquor-making industry, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, the boiler as the bibcock that maintain the normal production of enterprises, to improve the quality of boiler energy conservation transformation is very important. In recent years, on the basis of ensuring liquor in adhere to the traditional brewing craft, equipment transformation, is committed to research and development to adapt to the modern model of consumer tastes yellow rice wine.

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  • The pharmaceutical industry
    In view of the current increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the state enacted strict emission standards, environmental protection about for the pharmaceutical industry air pollutants emission standards (draft) \"the opinions of the state environmental protection standard letter has been posted, the standard advice ended on June 25, 2017 formally implemented on January 1, 2018. Pharmaceutical enterprise needs a large amount of steam for raw materials, equipment, equipment for high temperature sterilization disinfection, in dry cooling, tabletting granulating process heating, the requirement of steam is higher, the proportion of energy consumption is bigger also, coal fired steam boiler use frequency is very high, but with the implementation of the policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in the premise of meet the production requirements, reduce energy consumption as much as possible into numerous problems of pharmaceutical enterprise, so the application of the gas boiler more and more.
    • Shuanghe Pharmaceutical (Shangqiu) Co., Ltd.

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    • Shanxi Yangcheng Yangtai Group Jingxin Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

      Shanxi Yangcheng Yangtai Group Jingxin Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

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    • Xu Changzhen medical dressing co., LTD

      Under the condition of the situation of environmental protection is becoming increasingly serious, there are still many drug companies in the use of high energy consumption, high pollution of boiler, had had a serious impact on the environment.

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    • Jiuzhaigou natural pharmaceutical group co., LTD

      Steam boiler in the pharmaceutical industry is a indispensable equipment, in its enrichment, sterilization, drying, provide a large amount of steam. Jiuzhaigou natural medicine pharmaceutical group co., ltd. is a national fixed-point production enterprise, sichuan province science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, is now meet spring for sichuan pharmaceutical group is a wholly owned subsidiary.

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  • The chemical industry
    Chemical industry process is mainly divided into three steps: raw materials processing, chemical reaction, refined products. The chemical reaction is the key step, is in a certain temperature and pressure conditions such as reaction, need a lot of different quality of steam in polymerization, condensation, drying, melting, molding process heating. Promulgated by the state council \"made in China 2025\" clearly put forward for the first time to fully implementing green manufacturing, efforts to build efficient, clean, low carbon, the cycle of the green manufacturing system.
    • Henan Jiulian Shenwei Min Explosion Equipment Co., Ltd.

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    • Xinxiang brocade fine chemical co., LTD

      Brocade fine chemical industry of the same industry manufacturers, and in combination with the practical situation of this unit, the evaporation section of caustic soda production system, is in yu ji bought 1 boiler of 2.4 million kcal of heat conduction oil boiler (YQW - 2800 q), improve the utilization rate of thermal energy to later in order to improve the utilization rate of coal, in yu ji boiler again bought 1 2.4 million calories of heat conduction oil boiler (YLL - 2800 ma (W)).

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  • The rubber industry
    In rubber production working procedure such as drying, calendering, sulfide wants to a large amount of steam, steam load is extremely uneven, is very strict to the steam pressure, and in order to cope with the increasingly strict environmental review, the application of gas boiler frequency is higher, in addition, rolling, extrusion, kneading, mixer, vulcanization molding, injection plastic injection machine, mucilage, mixer, conveyor belt dryer, screw extrusion machine and mould heating and heat preservation heat conduction oil furnace may be used.
    • Jiaozuo Shanghai rubber products

      Jiaozuo Shanghai rubber products co., LTD. (former oil seal factory), is a new type of high-tech enterprises, the company main products: series of high-voltage electrical appliances seals (" O "type circle, rectangle, D type cushion, square, round, profiled strip; Ordinary, oil resistant, heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant, burning chain whole core conveyor belt conveyor belt and steel; Ordinary, oil resistant rubber plate; Ring, skeleton oil seal, spray board, etc.

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  • School of hotel industry
    School of hotel and sanitary hot water boiler is mainly used for heating, some schools still need to supply steam laundry room and kitchen, hotel configuration is usually the boiler steam or hot water boiler, through the heating plate heat exchanger, displacement heat exchanger sanitary hot water supply, because the school each facilities in the hotel has different operating periods, so higher requirements on the boiler control system. With the increasingly strict environmental protection supervision and the popularity of natural gas, gas boiler applications also gradually replaced the coal-fired boiler
    • Henan mechanical and electrical vocational college

      Winter heating and daily hot water is an important content of university logistics work. Hot water boiler is indispensable to every university thermal equipment. At present, the heating work is facing the campus heating area increases, equipment aging, improve the problems such as energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.

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  • Printing and dyeing industry
    Dyeing originated in the shang and zhou period, has now become another technology industry in our country, but as the development and reform commission (NDRC) clearly put forward \"to transform traditional industries with information and high-tech\" after the policy orientation, high efficiency, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection has been printing and dyeing lines have to cross the threshold of the past, printing and dyeing pollution regulation at present already transfer from \"end up\" to eliminate the \"source\", the government to high-polluting, high-energy consuming, sewage disposal substandard enterprises have a zero tolerance attitude, printing and dyeing industry need towards environmental protection, energy saving, time saving high efficiency, short process development, with the steam boiler industry of form a complete set of printing and dyeing industry in an escalating!!!
    • HSBC, xinxiang dyeing co., LTD

      Xinxiang HSBC henan xinxiang dyeing co., LTD. Is located in peace and harmony, mainly provide chemical dyes, and other related products and services. This business area is abundant, large production capacity, product and service quality, the current enterprise management in good condition.

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  • The textile industry
    The textile industry whether dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing are inseparable from the steam boiler\'s support and cooperation. Because of the textile industry belongs to industrial category, the fuel consumption is larger, so the textile manufacturers generally choose low-cost environmental protection fuel steam boiler. Steam boiler gas quality of clothing textile dyeing and the product quality after drying has decisive role, and the textile industry of steam boiler fuel consumption is compared commonly big, so the textile mills at home and abroad choose of steam boiler can not only improve the quality of textiles, textile enterprises to improve production efficiency, can reduce labor cost and the operation of the steam boiler.
    • Henan Xinye Textile Co., Ltd.

      Henan Xinye Textile Co., ltd. is a national big Textile enterprise backbone, 520 and one of 50 key support enterprises in Henan province, the main production and operation of pure cotton and blended yarn, pure cotton and blended fabrics, yarn-dyed fabric, home textiles and so on four big series more than 100 varieties, annual output of 150000 tons of high-grade fabric yarn, fabric of 150 million meters.

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  • Building materials industry
    As a result of the building materials industry boiler is to provide kinetic energy to process, but the difference between the production process is great, here with the most common building materials aerated block production, for example. Aerated block production line to the main equipment are cutting machine, crusher, mixer, autoclaved kettle, etc., there is a important equipment, that is for aerated block body for the steam boiler steam curing. Mainly in the production process, boiler high temperature and pressure of reaction caldron in the aeroconcrete production output, high temperature steam used for aerated block body thermal water and can improve the strength and performance of products.
    • Xinxiang Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

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    • Yuzhou city kaiyuan new building materials co., LTD

      Yuzhou city kaiyuan new building materials co., LTD is fixation of the modern management system of scientific research, production, sales in the integration of large-scale comprehensive utilization of fly ash new building materials enterprises, companies in using fly ash, calcium carbide slag, desulfurization gypsum and other industrial solid waste amount amounts to 800000 tons.

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  • Other industries
    • Shanxi Yitang Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

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    • China railway 15 bureau group

      China railway 15 bureau group co., LTD. Is the collection construction, design and scientific research as one of the national railway engineering construction general contracting; Housing construction project construction, the highway engineering construction, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting grade one;

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Application field of gas boiler is also a kind of more extensive, recently we henan yu ji boiler container manufacturing co., LTD. Small make up received a lot of users to inquire about how to work for gas boiler descaling, and want to know about the problems related to four tons of boiler gas prices, here we have small make up to you to know more about the finishing can be to listen carefully oh.
To the requirements of the environmental policies, the state vigorously promote coal-fired boiler, reform is to replace the coal-fired boiler products have biomass boiler, gas-fired boiler, electric boiler and so on many kinds of, a lot of people are considering how to choose a suitable boiler, yu ji boiler small make up today is to give you some advice: