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In the process of brewing, fermenting to could, such as grain mixture fermentation to produce alcohol. Distillation to use alcohol extract of distiller, condenser and other food. The process needs a large amount of steam, so will use steam boiler. Some wineries use lower coal fired steam boiler fuel costs in the first place. As the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, parts of limiting the use of small coal stove, gas, biomass boiler etc because of its low cost, low pollution and favor the winery.

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  • Hubei for ensuring the wine industry co., LTD., formerly known as ensuring the distillery, hubei province, was founded in 1952. "Ensuring the" gets its name from the known as "god", "wine," said li bai's poem. In 759 AD, li bai with uncle Gu Zhi autumn leaf, friends, in dongting river, hukou (now the pine zi) within the territory of berth at night, dongting wide scene in eight hundred, drink wine, local improvisational write "south lake autumn night smoke-free, flow resistance can take straight to heaven, and is dongting moonlight on credit, will ship to buy wine for ensuring" the popular of rhyme. "Ensuring the" wine as early as 1979, 1984, 1989 consecutive national silver medal of liquor quality appraisal. In October 1991, ensuring the wine for its "elegant fragrance, sauce thick coordination, cotton thick sweet, mellow yi long" the unique style of light ministry identified as the national representative of the thick sauce and wine.
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