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The modelling of mechanical products and packaging design, is an important content of the product development design. Excellent performance products, with good shape and packaging, is prompting product occupy the market, improve the economic benefit of important condition. Therefore, developed countries are extremely importance to the shape of the product and the packaging, and has achieved significant success and reputation. Along with our country reform and opening-up and the development of market economy, the product was really gives the property of commodity, and for the appearance of products and packaging has aroused the attention of the manufacturer. Designers working to improve product features at the same time, also the shape and packaging improvements as the important content of product design, and obtained good results.

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  • Hebei peace carton packaging machinery co., LTD., founded in 2006, is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of carton packaging machinery. Company is located in the bohai economic circle, jinan in the south, the north of tianjin, the beijing-shanghai expressway, the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway and 104 national road and other traffic facilities for its convenient traffic environment is constructed. Since its inception the company has always adhere to quality for the purpose of the competitiveness, create attractive quality, make loyal customers, after years of continuous efforts has become a shinning pearl of carton packaging machinery industry. Now the company product has covered the high school low speed 357 layers of corrugated board production line, corrugated board high school low speed printing slotting die-cutting machine, single unit, etc., products have been exported to South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, India, Vietnam, such as the land of Egypt.
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