Arrive at the scene in 2 hours
Free maintenance within 18 months
24-hour hotline on standby

Henan-Hebei Boiler is an international certification unit of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. It has established a set of service management system documents for customer service, and strictly implemented management. The company strictly follows the document: YG/CD7.5-03 "Implementation Measures of Sales Service" throughout the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and implements a series of preferential measures for customers.

Quality commitment Service Commitment
  • 1. Quality assurance starts with technology and meets user's requirements in product selection. We will provide products with mature technology and stable operation and reliable performance after practical testing.
  • 2. Strictly formulate process measures and strictly implement them. Operators are required to carry out self-inspection according to drawing standards and process documents. Full-time inspection is strictly controlled, and unqualified products are prohibited from leaving the factory.
  • 3. Send technicians to stay on site during installation, provide technical services, guide installation quality, communicate with Party A and supervision company departments in time, find problems and solve them in time;
  • 4. We have rich experience in installation, commissioning and operation of large-scale boilers. If users find technical and quality problems in the use process, our company will immediately rush to repair the equipment to ensure that the repair is completed within the prescribed time.
  • 1. Strict implementation of service archives management system, timely tracking and communication;
  • 2. Strictly fulfill the requirements stipulated in the contract and ensure the delivery time.
  • 3. Conduct debugging training free of charge, and train operators in safety and technology;
  • 4. Set up service line: 0373-5218799 . The 24-hour service will be implemented to receive calls from users without rest during holidays.
  • 5. Inventory of all kinds of valves, instruments, elbows, screw nuts and various tools.
  • 6. Act immediately upon receiving the maintenance information and the local maintenance personnel will arrive at the site within 2 hours. In case of special circumstances, the maintenance personnel of the company headquarters will arrive at the site within 24 hours.
  • 7. Quality Assurance Period: The warranty period is 18 months after the delivery of the equipment or 12 months after the equipment is put into operation, whichever is the first arrival.
  • 8. Defect warranty: If defects occur repeatedly after the unit equipment is delivered for use, we will submit analysis reports and solutions until the defects are finally corrected and the quality assurance provided is recalculated from the date of correction. If the replacement amendment is caused by negligence or misoperation beyond the scope of our responsibility, it shall be repaired by us and the additional cost shall be borne by both parties through consultation. During the quality guarantee period and during the normal operation of the equipment, we regularly visit the site for inspection and timely treatment of hidden troubles; during the quality guarantee period, the faults occurred are repaired free of charge, and spare parts are replaced free of charge.
  • 9. After the expiration of the warranty period, the equipment shall be maintained for life; after the warranty period, only travel expenses and wages shall be charged for the maintenance of the equipment.
After-sales service content

Objective: To enable users to grasp the working principle of the equipment and to use and maintain it safely and correctly.

On-site service

Guide installation, calibration and on-site technical consultation

回访 Return visit

At least one on-site visit and two telephone calls a month.

Supervise user's start-up, maintenance and management.

Standards for after-sales service
Siquan Service
Whole process service
From picking up confirmation, guiding installation, debugging, assisting users in maintenance, maintenance, management, from beginning to end meticulous service, responsible to the end.
All-weather service
7*24-hour telephone consultation service, in order to effectively and rapidly service requirements, reduce the loss caused by users'failure.
Omni-directional service
All-round services are planned and regular patrols and visits to all users, effectively providing a series of comprehensive services for the maintenance and repair of user equipment.
Serve wholeheartedly
Patiently listen to users'opinions and requests, carefully operate, provide quality services, sincerely refuse any gifts.
Five Principles
“First, advocate”
We advocate the use of standard civilized language.
Eliminate the second complaint from users; Eliminate fraud.
“Three Musts”
It is necessary to visit users regularly, to guide the work according to technical specifications, and to implement 7*24-hour hotline telephone consultation service.
“ Four Guarantees”
Guarantee timely; Guarantee quality; Guarantee the whole process of service; Guarantee the normal operation of equipment.