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To the requirements of the environmental policies, the state vigorously promote coal-fired boiler, reform is to replace the coal-fired boiler products have biomass boiler, gas-fired boiler, electric boiler and so on many kinds of, a lot of people are considering how to choose a suitable boiler, yu ji boiler small make up today is to give you some advice:
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Natural gas boiler descaling method
Application field of gas boiler is also a kind of more extensive, recently we henan yu ji boiler container manufacturing co., LTD. Small make up received a lot of users to inquire about how to work for gas boiler descaling, and want to know about the problems related to four tons of boiler gas prices, here we have small make up to you to know more about the finishing can be to listen carefully oh.
17 2019-08
Baths to choose what kind of boiler is better? Bath gas boiler price influencing factors
In winter many people are like to go to bathroom for bath bubble bath demand, in the winter, most people would choose to go to the bathroom to xian north bath, public bath in the bathroom is very comfortable, and can provide a large amount of hot water to customers to use, as to supply hot water bath product is very important. Has been suitable for hot water supply system of public natural gas boiler, by the businessman\\\'s favorite.
17 2019-08
The steam gas boiler manufacturer: safety using autoclaved kettle equipment
Autoclave reactor is also called the steaming kettle, autoclave reactor, is a kind of large volume, heavy weight large pressure vessel. Autoclaved kettle application is very extensive, a large number of applications in aerated concrete block, concrete pipe pile, lime-sand brick, fly ash brick, microporous calcium silicate board, the new light wall material, insulation asbestos board, high-strength gypsum building materials, such as autoclaved curing, made within the kettle Cao - Si02 - H2O water thermal response. Here we can remind you steam gas boiler manufacturer in using autoclaved kettle equipment safety issues are always to be aware of, here has to do with this small make up for the problem of learning!
17 2019-08
Media coverage
Whether industrial boiler equipment or the family of the boiler equipment in the use of more extensive common one kind of fuel and gas boiler equipment, boiler equipment is gas boiler, including gas hot water boiler, fuel gas hot water boiler, steam boiler, etc., including gas hot water boiler is also called gas bath heating boiler and gas boiler, gas boiler just as its name implies is refers to the fuel gas boiler, gas boiler and oil-fired boiler, electric boiler and economic comparison, so most people choose the gas boiler for steam boiler equipment, heating, wash bath.
Abstract: With the development of society and economy, people\'s ideas have undergone tremendous changes. Protecting the environment and saving resources have become the current consensus of people. This awareness has fully permeated all aspects of our social life. In order to further reduce the pollution generated during the use of boilers, biomass boilers have emerged. This article introduces the meaning of biomass boiler and its production pollution, analyzes the necessity of ultra-low emission technology of biomass boiler exhaust gas, and in-depth discusses the biomass boiler denitration technology, desulfurization technology and dust reduction measures.
Recently, the National Energy Administration issued the \"Notice of the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on Reporting the Situation of Clean Boiler Heating Supply of Biomass Boilers\", requiring local energy bureaus, development and reform commissions, and relevant central enterprises to report on the relevant information about clean boiler heat supply .
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Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Market Supervision Bureau (Department, Committee), relevant units: According to the Announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Matters Relevant to Special Equipment Administrative Licensing (2019 No. 3), and the Announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Issuing the \\\"License Rules for Special Equipment Production and Filling Units\\\" (2019 No. 22), Licensing requirements such as \\\"Special Equipment Production Unit Licensing Catalog\\\", \\\"Special Equipment Operator Qualification Classification and Projects\\\", \\\"Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Personnel Qualification Certification Projects\\\", \\\"Special Equipment Production and Filling Unit Licensing Rules\\\" and other licensing requirements (hereinafter referred to as new licensing requirements) It will be implemented from June 1, 2019. With the consent of the General Administration of Market Supervision, the following opinions are proposed on related matters.
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