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To the requirements of the environmental policies, the state vigorously promote coal-fired boiler, reform is to replace the coal-fired boiler products have biomass boiler, gas-fired boiler, electric boiler and so on many kinds of, a lot of people are considering how to choose a suitable boiler, yu ji boiler small make up today is to give you some advice:
Price: gas boiler safe and economic operation of turbine and boiler steam temperature is one of the main parameters of must monitor and adjust, because of the influence factors of steam temperature, impact process is complicated, the adjustment process of inertia is big, this request should regulate steam temperature frequently analysis, observation, set up advanced ideas.
Price: gas boiler circulating fluidized bed boiler is the high degree of industrialization of clean coal combustion technology. Circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the fluidized combustion, the main structure including combustion chamber and cycle oven of two parts. With bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology is the difference between the high running speed, strengthened the combustion and desulfurization heterogeneous reaction process, such as boiler capacity can be expanded to power industry can accept large capacity, circulating fluidized bed boiler has been very good to solve the basic problem such as thermodynamics, mechanics, materials science and engineering problems such as inflation, wear and overtemperature, become the advanced technology of flame retardant solid fuel energy utilization.
Boiler \"false water level\" refers to the false water level for the time being. When the steam drum pressure fell sharply, because the pan of water saturation temperature drop to the corresponding pressure saturation temperature and release large amounts of heat to evaporate by oneself, so the pan of water inside the bubble increases, volume expansion, make the water level rise, form a false water level. Drum pressure jump, the corresponding saturation temperature increase. Part of the heat is used for heating water pot, reduce evaporation, a reduction in the boiler water bubbles, volume shrinkage, water level, the same form false water level. It will cause a lot of trouble for us, the formation of gas boiler manufacturers today is for everyone to summarize solutions for this problem.
Henan yu ji boiler container manufacturing co., LTD about boiler ordering process adjustment notification content is as follows:
The sub-cylinder is the main auxiliary equipment of the boiler, which is used to distribute the steam generated during the operation of the boiler to the pipelines. The sub-cylinder is a pressure-bearing device. It belongs to a pressure vessel. Its pressure capacity and capacity should correspond to the supporting boiler.
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