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Whether industrial boiler equipment or the family of the boiler equipment in the use of more extensive common one kind of fuel and gas boiler equipment, boiler equipment is gas boiler, including gas hot water boiler, fuel gas hot water boiler, steam boiler, etc., including gas hot water boiler is also called gas bath heating boiler and gas boiler, gas boiler just as its name implies is refers to the fuel gas boiler, gas boiler and oil-fired boiler, electric boiler and economic comparison, so most people choose the gas boiler for steam boiler equipment, heating, wash bath.
Abstract: With the development of society and economy, people\'s ideas have undergone tremendous changes. Protecting the environment and saving resources have become the current consensus of people. This awareness has fully permeated all aspects of our social life. In order to further reduce the pollution generated during the use of boilers, biomass boilers have emerged. This article introduces the meaning of biomass boiler and its production pollution, analyzes the necessity of ultra-low emission technology of biomass boiler exhaust gas, and in-depth discusses the biomass boiler denitration technology, desulfurization technology and dust reduction measures.
Recently, the National Energy Administration issued the \"Notice of the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on Reporting the Situation of Clean Boiler Heating Supply of Biomass Boilers\", requiring local energy bureaus, development and reform commissions, and relevant central enterprises to report on the relevant information about clean boiler heat supply .
The application of ozone denitration technology to a 170t / h bagasse boiler in a power plant of a bioenergy company has reduced nitrogen oxide emissions from 150mg / m³ to 70mg / m³.
In the future, mixed reform in the environmental protection field is expected to accelerate, and more mixed-ownership enterprises will emerge. \"Economic Reference\" reporter recently learned at the \"2019 China Environmental Listed Companies Summit\" sponsored by the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Environmental Chamber of Commerce, so far, of the 95 central enterprises involved in the ecological environment industry. The new state-owned enterprises are accelerating the market entry, intensifying the competition and integration of the entire industry, while also reshaping the new pattern of the environmental protection industry.
During the \"Thirteenth Five-Year Plan\" period, China set a \"dual-control\" target of 10,000 yuan of GDP energy consumption by 2020 that is 15% lower than that of 2015, and the total energy consumption should be controlled within 5 billion tons of standard coal. The proportion of coal in total energy consumption dropped below 58%.
At present, the leading waste treatment method in China is sanitary landfill. However, there is secondary pollution in sanitary landfill, and the construction cost of high-temperature compost is quite high. In contrast, the waste incineration method not only has pollution control standards in line with international standards, but also economic benefits It is also far superior to sanitary landfills. It has the advantages of high marketization and sustainability, so it has a lot of room for development. The waste incineration industry has probably gone through three development processes: budding, developing, and mature.
Action plan for comprehensive control of air pollution in the Yangtze River Delta region during the autumn and winter of 2019-2020
Home gas stoves-what is a stove?
You may find that using heat conduction oil boiler after a period of time will produce precipitation, what are these deposits, it can bring what harm to boiler? Gas boiler manufacturers today for everyone to do a analysis.