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Water film dust collector

Working pressure
Working temperature
Applicable Fuel Air containing dust and sulfur
Application industry The flue gas purification of chemical industry and steel balls
Product Profile
Water film dust collector: is a use of dusty gas shock filter in some way on walls or other special components caused by the water film, the dust is captured by the water film, purified gas purification equipment. Including the impact of water film, inert (stomach) water film and centrifugal water film dust collector and so on the many kinds of classification.
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Part 1, case by case on net wind (room), in the case (filter chamber), lower housing (ash hopper), gas distributor, flower plate, platforms, escalators, supporting feet, the air inlet, ash mouth, heat preservation, color palette, etc.
2, the filter bag assembly. Framework of filter bag, bag and hang bags of self-locking device for the connection design, installation and convenient, and can effectively prolong the service life of filter bag. Filter bag specifications for: ¢130 x 130 x 6000 mm and 2450 mm, ¢¢160 x 6000 mm three, using PPS needled felt (imports of PPS/PPS504CS17, waterproof and oil processing).
3, guiding device: adopt advanced into the wind, the design of flue gas distribution device. Not only can effective distribution of dust, gas and for larger particles, avoid dust gas washout filter bag. To further improve the efficiency of dust removal. To improve the service life of filter bag.
4, pulse injection system: the air flushing tank, electromagnetic pulse valve, pressure, nozzle pipe joint, support, etc. GDM 5.6 following specifications clear ash, the whole case for the rest of the specifications in the upper part of each filter bag with a compressed air nozzle tube. Runtime, generally set each row of filter bag every 10 s pulse inverse blow soot cleaning time, time to start a solenoid valve, the pulse counter blowing compressed air into the bag filter for dust.
5, ash system by electric vibrator (air cannons), electric heater, grey level indicator. Electric vibrator (air cannons) to ensure that the dust has good liquidity.
6, the control system is mainly composed of pulse injection control instrument, MC computer control cabinet, thermal resistance thermometer, static pressure, material level indicator measuring point and measuring element.
7, offline protection system: mainly by bypass valve, emergency water spray system, differential pressure equipment, material level meter, thermometer, pressure test device, pulse control meter, filter bag leak detection device, etc.
4 t boiler from design to production of bag filter installed, have short construction time limit for a project, the characteristics of flexible operation, after the 4 t boiler precipitator installed, a reasonable set of operating procedures, help you filter using a long time, save maintenance funds for the user.
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Water film dust collector
Capacity:<800pa Working pressure:-20-500℃